Before I came to SmartMinds, I kept failing my Math. When I did practice papers, I had no confidence in myself. After I started tuition here, Ms Caroline boosted my confidence by telling me that I can do it. After her encouragement, I did some reflection and practiced my Math. My P6 CA1 mark was 29 and now I managed to pass! I improved a lot thanks to Ms Caroline. I like this tuition very much!

- Wendy Thng
(Pri 6 Radin Mas Prii Sch)

I love my Math tuition. Ever since I attended SmartMinds, my results have improved! When I do my school’s practice papers, I feel more relaxed as I understand the subject better. My marks are now 60-80% for the practice papers I do. My Math improved from SA1 24% to Prelims 58%. I love the lessons Ms Caroline planned for me. She taught me patiently and I would recommend this tuition centre to my friends who need tuition.

I also attended the PSLE Preparatory Programme in June. For Math, I learnt the different ways to solve word problems. Eg, Units and Parts method, Working Backwards, Model Drawing etc. I also benefitted a lot for Science and English. For instance, I learnt how to answer Comprehension open-ended questions better. I used to copy whole chunks from the passage. This 4-day Programme for PSLE is great!

- Xerxes Goh
(Pri 6 Gan Eng Seng Pri Sch)

"My two boys, Sec 3, and Sec 4 are happy at SmartMinds. Their English tutor is a dedicated and responsible teacher. My boys have been with her since they were in primary school. She has been very patient with my boys especially one of them who is dyslexic. Both my boys love her teaching. She also goes the extra mile by listening to me when I have difficulties with my boys. I really appreciate what she has done for my boys. Their school work has improved under her tutelage."

- Mrs Vienna Chew
Parent of Ray (Sec 4 SFMS) and Russell Chew (Sec 3 KRSS)

"I am very glad I sent Kyla to SmartMinds Learning Centre. When Kyla was younger, she was weak in her foundation of English and Math. Mrs Luah makes an effort to look into Kyla’s weak areas and the improvement in Kyla’s results has been significant. Kyla has become more confident and developed a better attitude towards learning. "

- William Wong,
Father of Kyla Wong (P5, Fairfield Methodist Pri Sch)
"Callista enjoys her lessons at SmartMinds Learning Centre. Her school results have improved a lot. The main reason for her improvement is because of Mrs Luah’s patience in teaching her when she faces difficulty and the consistent encouragement."

- Joyce,
Mother of Callista Limarta (P4 ZhangDe Pri Sch)
"My son, Danial, has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Despite this, I am very glad that he has improved tremendously in his reading, spelling and writing. Thanks to Mrs Luah who helps him in English and Mdm Lin who helps him in Chinese. The tutors are very patient with Danial and they motivate him to do better.

My daughter, Nadira, has improved a lot in her basic foundation of Math. She was very lost in the subject but thanks to Mrs Luah, who noticed her weakness and guided her patiently.

Overall, good teaching methods for both my children! "

- Kim,
Mother of Mohd Danial (P1 Blangah Rise Pri Sch) and Nadira (P4 CHIJ Kellock)
"My tutor, Mrs Luah, is patient in teaching me. She plans her lessons well and teaches me in the areas I am weak in. She explains in a detailed way and sometimes she makes me laugh with her humourous explanations. She is a caring teacher and I am inspired to become a teacher like her."

- Mildred Quek (P6 CHIJ Kellock)
"My 2 children enjoy the lessons as they have good rapport with their tutor, Mrs Luah. She is explains clearly and patiently to them, helping them to understand difficult concepts and problems.

The small class size of 4 to 5 students also helps my children to learn more effectively.

Sometimes, Mrs Luah even goes beyond the lesson time to help my children when the need arises. I am happy that there is constant communication and regular feedback from Mrs Luah on my childrens’ progress and learning attitude.

It is encouraging to see my children going for Mrs Luah’s lessons with positive attitudes! My P4 child’s result improved from 72% (SA1) to 94%(SA2). My P6 child’s result improved from below 60 to an A in his Prelim exams.

The PSLE Preparatory Programme (June) and PSLE Revision Programme (Sep) were very good. They highlight the important areas to focus on for the exams and teach useful skills like allocation of time for each section of the paper during the exams. "

- Jasmine Tan
Mother of Chloe and Caleb Ng (P4, P6 Henry Park Pri Sch)
"Mrs Luah teaches English to my daughter, Cedrica. She is a dedicated teacher. Her lessons are enriching and most importantly, my child enjoys going for lessons every time!"

- Mrs Charlene Pan
Mother of Cedrica Pan (P4 Radin Mas Pri Sch)
"My Math tutor Mr Lee is very patient and will explain until my doubts are cleared. Near to exam period, we will let us practise on exam papers. This helps me to understand the various Math topics better and be well prepared for my school exams. Before tuition , my Math results was about 70 marks. Now,I have managed to get an A1 for Math!

I really enjoy Mr Lee’s lessons. He is very helpful and will help me with Math homework from school as well.” Tan Yun Xuan (Sec 3, Nan Hua High School) "

- Tan Yun Xuan (Sec 3, Nan Hua High School)
"My English tutor, Mr Ashley, gives us a lot of practice on Editing and Comprehension. This has helped me to improve in my editing skills and approach to answering comprehension questions. Before tuition, my English grade was a B4, but after a few months of tuition, my grade has improved to a B3. I have benefitted from the lessons and have learnt many new words. "

- Tan Yun Xuan (Sec 3, Nan Hua High School)
"My lesson at Smartminds Learning Centre is fun and helpful. I have learnt many different types of Math questions. My tutor, Ms Serena has taught me many ways to solve Math questions. I finally scored a higher mark for my Math exam after attending the lessons"

- Gerson Seck (Pri 4, Gan Eng Seng Pri)
"I find the Science lesson very interesting. The teacher is very humorous but strict when necessary. Because of his lesson, my Science marks have improved tremendously. I have gained more Science knowledge which I lacked in the past."

- Dilys Tan (Pri 6, CHIJ Kellock)
"My Chinese tutor, Ms Lin, has helped improved my Chinese social skills. This allowed my Chinese to improve. I have more interest in Chinese now as compared to before I joined the class. The encouragement she gives us is very helpful."

- Chen Ning (Sec 3 ACS)
"I think that the lesson is very informative. The teacher explains the question very clearly and my grades have improved after coming for Chinese tuition."

- Loh Jun Hui (Pri 6 Fairfield Methodist Pri Sch)
"Chinese tuition helped me improve my Chinese scores from only 49 marks to 63 marks. I learnt to apply the methods the tutor taught me to answer exam questions well."

- Frederick Thung (Pri 6 Gan Eng Seng Pri Sch)
"I find the Science lesson very informative and the teacher is very helpful and understanding. I have learnt many things and my studies have been improving since I joined the lesson."

- Loh Jun Hui (Pri 6 Fairfield Methodist Pri Sch)
"I like my Science lesson very much. I have improved a lot since I started the tuition. I like the tutor’s teaching methods and he is always cheerful."

- Tivyaa (Pri 5, CHIJ Kellock)
"My Science teacher is a very good teacher. His lessons are fun and interesting. I hope he continues to teach me Science next year."

- Faaiza (P5, CHIJ Kellock)
"I have learnt a lot from my Science tuition. The teacher has an interesting way to teach the whole class. He is caring and generous. I have improved a lot in my Science."

- Mildred Quek (Pri 6, CHIJ Kellock)
"I find the P5 Math lesson interesting and fun. I learnt many new facts about Math and how to solve challenging problem sums. I also made some new friends."

- Tan Yuan Jie (Pri 5, Nan Hua Pri Sch)
"Zu En's school results have improved significantly after taking lessons at SmartMinds. The tutors are encouraging and they work on her areas of weakness. Thank you SmartMinds!"

- Mrs Ng, Mother of Zu En, Pri 5

"I find lessons at SmartMinds very fun and interesting. The tutors teach well and I have improved in my studies."

- Chery Goh, Pri 5

"I like my Chinese lessons very much as the tutor brings in current issues and tells us interesting stories to help us learn better. I have improved in my Chinese and managed to pass the Chinese exam in school!"

-  Yi Eun Hye, Sec 2

"I enjoy Mr Chua's Math lessons at SmartMinds as he makes lessons fun and interesting. I am now able to grasp the Math concepts better, and thus understand my school work better."

 -  Aloysius Tan, Sec 2